Mattress Collection

Paratex Mattress Collection

   With our intention to serve customers’ satisfaction, we are continuously looking for a new innovation in order to come up with a graceful mattress to represent a fusion of technology and our identity. Also, we can make sure of our exceptional quality of the finest mattress by having the ISO quality control of 9001:2015. We thoroughly begin with 5 collections; Health Collection, Together Collection, Smart Collection, Idol Collection and Latex Pro Collection. Each Collection would reflect different styles of customers. Absolutely, we make a great effort to design a mattress which soothe our customers perfectly in every night of their sleep. Good night!

Health Collection

           Health Collection is designed to serve a group of people in semi-retirement or retirement phrase. Relaxation is very important for them to enjoy their retirement life. By sleeping on a suitable and classic mattresses, it is a precise time of the day to forget all of their worries and be ready to start a new morning with a positive and healthy attitude.

Together Collection

           Together Collection represents a group of people who start a family. As family is a precious gift of your life, it is very significant to pamper your loved one by providing them a cozy and graceful mattress.

Smart Collection

          Smart collection is meticulously made for people in working life. They need a serene place to relax and pamper themselves after a very long and tough working hours. Smart collection could definitely be a real answer for them throughout every night during this tough working life. Start off with positive vibes in every morning with this smart collection!

Idol Collection

           Idol Collection is specially created for people in a phrase of college life. “Work hard, play harder” would definitely represent people in this phrase. Therefore, taking a rest in a proper way undoubtedly bring you a good energy which is a way to prepare you for any obstacles in life.

Latex Pro Collection

           Latex Pro Collection is made up of many designs for you to choose. Every design in this collection truly reflects our identity and meticulosity. In this collection, there will be in total of 6 models. Each model has different kinds of support and particularly suit each group of people. Never hesitate to try our Latex Pro Collection because you will experience a whole new way of pleasant sleep.